Structuring, Tax Advisory & Financial Engineering

Structuring,Tax Advisory & Financial Engineering

Engelwood Management & Consulting can assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Corporate Finance: economic, financial and strategic advisory services for financial modelling, due diligence, transaction structuring, completion of investment & exit processes;
  • Structured finance transactions, including securitisations, and advises its clients on alternatives to tailor made funding solutions;
  • Debt structuring and assistance for implementing the debt & security package;
  • Loan administration including financial covenants monitoring and reporting;
  • Advisory, assistance to and coordination for listing process of securities (shares, bonds);
  • International tax structuring;
  • Transaction services (real estate transactions, private equity, debts, other investments);
  • International corporate & financial structures: cross border deal structuring for the fund‘s portfolio and/or the corporate industry (acquisition, sale, add-on);
  • Corporate and tax structuring for family offices and HNWI with respect to wealth management solutions, liaising with multi jurisdictions environment;
  • Tax due-diligence;
  • Transfer pricing (design of transfer pricing policies, benchmarking, documentation).




Engelwood Asset Management is a CSSF regulated third-party AIFM (European Alternative Investment Fund Manager) active in the following areas:

  • Real Estate;
  • Private Equity;
  • Fund of funds & Financial Assets;
  • Private Debt.

We provide solutions and services for:

  • Fund Structuring: a dedicated team assists in defining the investment policy and the most appropriate form of the AIF;
  • Portfolio Management: due diligence coordination, taking of in- and divestments decisions, monitoring of assets with the assistance of external advisors;
  • Risk Management: establishment, and monitoring compliance with qualitative and quantitative risk limits as set forth in the AIF documents in accordance with applicable laws and regulations; 
  • Valuation: establishment of valuation policies and assessing adequate valuation methodologies liaising with external valuation experts;
  • Compliance: ensuring that the AIF is managed, operated and administrated in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Distribution: set up and distribution process, ensuring that the AIF is distributed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

As a fully compliant & licensed entity, we offer a turnkey solution for fund managers and advisors running Luxembourg-domiciled AIFs and or EU AIFs, allowing clients to quickly access to our alternative investment funds platform, to set up and manage a tailor-made AIF or to upgrade their existing structures without going through costly and lengthy recruitment and approval processes in addition to reducing additional capital requirements.


Corporate Services


Engelwood Fund and Corporate Services can assist our clients in the following areas :


  • Domiciliation 
    • Registered office (domiciliation).
  • Corporate & Secretarial services
    • Handle day-to-day corporate operations and follow-up with third parties;
    • Handling with board meetings and shareholders meetings (ordinary & extraordinary).
  • Accounting
    • Bookkeeping (Lux GAAP, IFRS, Swiss GAAP, US GAAP) & annual accounts.
  • Consolidation
    • Group financial consolidation (Lux GAAP, IFRS, Swiss FER GAAP, US GAAP).
  • Financial Reporting
    • Periodical financial & regulatory reporting;
    • Financial performances & group reporting;
    • Treasury services: implementation of cash management solutions (including cash pooling) and consolidated financial reporting;
  • Liquidation
    • Assistance and completion of the full liquidation process for regulated and non regulated legal entities;
  • Securitisation
    • Implementation of securitisation's transactions through dedicated financial, tax and corporate solutions;
    • Central administration, calculation agent, and regulatory reporting.
  • Interest & Return calculations 
    • Loan administration, financial covenance & Reporting;
    • Middle Office Operations.
  • Integrated business solutions
    • HQ substance solutions (dedicated business center full package).


Fund Administration & Asset Services

Engelwood Fund & Corporate Services can assist our clients in the following areas:

Fund Administration, Transfer Agency

  • Assistance with fund set up and implementation;
  • full onboarding process (incl. ISIN, PRIIPS KID);
  • Accounting/ Bookeeping services under LuxGaap and IFRS;
  • NAV Calculation;
  • Consolidation Services;
  • Financial Statements and assistance with auditor;
  • Investors’ reporting;
  • Transfer Agent: shareholders register maintenance & processing;
  • Compliance process (AML, KYC, regulatory requirements);
  • Day-to-day management & social life services;
  • Liaising with AIFM and Custodian Banks.

 Asset Servicing & Reporting

  • Waterfalls, performance fees, carried interest;
  • Treasury services: implementation of cash management solutions (including cash pooling) and consolidated financial reporting;
  • Financial performances & group reporting;
  • Periodical financial & regulatory reporting.


Tax & Regulatory

Engelwood Fund and Corporate Services can assist our clients in the following areas :

Tax Compliance

  • Corporate tax returns;
  • VAT registration & VAT returns;
  • Tax assessments;
  • Tax audit with tax authorities;
  • Transfer Pricing Compliance
  • Country by country reporting.

 Regulatory Reporting

  • AIFMD Reporting;
  • Other regulatory & Central Bank Reporting
  • FATCA & CRS classification;

Governance & Directorship

  • Certified independent directors (non executive) for financial entities (non regulated and regulated - seniority & substance requirement), including listed companies in Europe and Switzerland;
  • Value creation through directorship  engagement: fair process leadership, focused on strategy and in-depth knowledge on best practice for One-Tier and Two-Tier governance models;
  • Directorship solutions for substance requirements;